Learning Resources


The learning resources are here to help you jumpstart your fretted knowledge and advancement. There are scans of rare vintage sheet music, along with each song’s associated sound file(s). If you like music from the jazz age and tin pan alley, this is for you! This is especially “uke-centric”, but some songs were revived by string bands in the early 30’s from the 1910’s: i.e., they work on a variety of instruments. Also, you will find links to my dropbox files, both guitar and ukulele, that I use when teaching classes. Each link may have a sound file, song sheet, and instrumental part: most on an intermediate level. You will have to read and try out my RGTAB information, as I’ve invented a system that has worked well for my students over the years. There is a learning curve here, but in the end, it’s easier, especially on guitar, to analyze and work on different picking patterns. Get in touch with questions and comments. Over time I’ll be adding more lessons and instruments to this section.