Free Fret Files

Here are scans of rare vintage sheet music, as well as sound files from old 78’s and original arrangements.Print the music, and listen to follow along.

Hannah Open That Door. A ragtime novelty recorded by Sam and Kirk McGee.

Sheet001 Sheet002 Sheet003 Sheet004



Ukulele Lady. When this was first recorded, it was with violin! No uke at all, by Vaughn De Leath and later a great version by the Kweskin Jugband.

Sheet005 Sheet006 Sheet007 Sheet008 Sheet009








Hard Hearted Hannah, recorded by Ukulele Ike and others in the 20’s.

Sheet010 Sheet011 Sheet012 Sheet013





Here’s a recording by Ukulele Ike, where you can really hear one of his innovative strumming patterns clearly: thumb drags, rolls, triplets.

Take Me To That Land Of Jazz, recorded by Lowe Stokes, fiddler from the Skillet Lickers.

Sheet014 Sheet015 Sheet016





Button Up Your Overcoat. A 1922 Broadway hit, with a great ukulele arrangement, sung by Helen Kane, the model for Betty Boop!

Sheet017 Sheet018 Sheet019 Sheet020





Baby Rose was an early Tin Pan Alley composition recorded before WWI, and later reworked into an Old Timey classic by Charlie Poole and his North Carolina Ramblers circa 1930.

Sheet021 Sheet022 Sheet023 Sheet024





The original version by Billy Murray

The Old Timey way by Charlie Poole

I’ll See You In My Dreams, recorded by Cliff Edwards, aka, Ukulele Ike.

Sheet025 Sheet026 Sheet027 Sheet028





Yaaka Hula Hickey Dula….speaks for itself. Written and recorded in 1916.

Sheet029 Sheet030 Sheet031 Sheet032 Sheet033








Christopher Columbus. A novelty song that is a natural on the uke. Recorded by Django, Fats Waller, Benny Goodman….to name a few. Here is the original music.

Sheet034 Sheet035 Sheet036 Sheet037





The very speedy version by the amazing Kweskin Jug Band.

Another jazzed up song from the Tin Pan Alley Era, by Lowe Stokes.

Sheet038 Sheet039 Sheet040 Sheet041 Sheet042








Here’s the tune. Sailin’ Down The Chesapeake.

And the Tin Pan Alley, pre WWI recording.

Sunday, a song about the days of the week from the jazz era.

Sheet043 Sheet044 Sheet045 Sheet046





A You’re Adorable….1949, the best alphabet song out there. The recording by Perry Como is the definitive version, and in spite of being too sugary sounding, this translates well to the uke.

Sheet047 Sheet048 Sheet049 Sheet050





That’s My Weakness Now. This has lots of extra verses and uke chords.

Sheet051 Sheet052 Sheet053 Sheet054 Sheet055








I Aint Nobody’s Darling, which was recorded as a jazz standard by Fats Waller, and others, and also as an old timey song called Took My Gal Out Walking.

Sheet056 Sheet057 Sheet058 Sheet059





After You’ve Gone, a classic jazz song covered by a wide range of performers and styles, from the 20’s divas to Texas Swing. This piece has the ukulele chords.

Sheet060 Sheet061 Sheet062 Sheet063


Dinah, a classic jazz song, recorded by countless singers and played as an instrumental by Django, Eddie Lang, Joe Venuti…. here’s the 20’s music with ukulele arrangement.

Sheet064 Sheet065 Sheet066





When The Red Red Robin Goes Bob Bob Bobbin’ Along, first made famous by Al Jolson, and than recorded by many others. The sound file is Cliff Edwards, where you can clearly hear his ukulele part.

Sheet067 Sheet068 Sheet069 Sheet070 Sheet071








Lazybones, written in 1933, and here’s sheet music with the ukulele arrangement.

Sheet072 Sheet073 Sheet074 Sheet075





Here’s one of the few bands, (called Lazybones!), that recorded the entire song.

My Own Iona, a novelty Hawaiian song from 1916, that was also recorded as an old timey tune by the Scottsdale String Band, featuring a mandolin highlight.

Sheet076 Sheet077 Sheet078





Here’s the original 1916 version.

The later (1930’s) version in the Western Old Time Hawaiian style?