Old Time Music : The St. Regis String Band

Named for the St. Regis River in the North Country 0f New York ,where Dave Danks had his pig farm, this band has had a few iterations over the decades. We began in the 1970’s, and many of the members still play together, for example at the Schroon Lake Dances ; started by the band. Past members and players include Phil Jameson, Dave Danks, Tara Nevins, Jim Burns, Ed Lowman, Mark Schmidt…and yours truly…. Ron Gordon. Two official albums were made and released: “Back Roads Breakdown”, and “Old Time Music”. The music is rooted in the Southern Old Time String Band Tradition. Herein you may find photos, promo, and sound files from the albums.

STREGISAltamont                  Backroad Breakdown

“Baby Keep Stealin'”, a stringband blues from the the Mississippi Sheiks-


Fin Twiddles in “Molly Put The Kettle On”, the old time chestnut-

From Our Poster………              PosterSRSB


The old time Spanish American War favorite, “If I Lose”-

Here’s one from Riley Pucket called “I’m Getting’ ready To Go”-